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Luxury Cruise + World-Class Food & Wine =

We are lovers of great food, fine wine, and tiny European villages; of course specializing in Luxury Ocean Cruises and River Cruises is a natural fit. We are invested and hyper -focused on river cruising and luxury ocean cruises. We also have the distinct honor of saying we are in the 1% of US Travel Advisors who attended the first ASTA River Cruise Expo in 2022, we returned in 2023, and we've already paid to attend in 2024.  We  know the River Cruise lines and pair our clients with the one that best fits their wants.  Grab a friend, your love, your parent or even your child (teenage age and up is best) and let's get you sailing. Santé.

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Our Favorite Things

Experience Europe's splendors aboard a River Cruise and you'll see why it's our favorite way to travel. Budapest and Prague happen to be our favorite European cities, but we have a love affair with France and a deep regard for Germany. You really can not go wrong when you book a cruise on the Danube, Rhine, Main, Seine, Douro, and more.

We all have different ideas of adventure, culture, luxury, and wellness, especially when it comes to travel. It's no surprise that there is no one-size-fits-all in the travel industry. What may surprise you is how seamlessly all these ideas can come together when you choose a river cruise or a small, luxury ocean cruise line for your next vacation.

Get started planning your cruise today.

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Ocean Cruises typically offer a larger variety of dining venues and onboard activities. Ranging from a handful of passengers to several thousand, an ocean cruise is a good choice for someone wishing to visit all four corners of the globe from the Antarctic to the Norwegian Sea and the wonders of the Galapagos to the Northern Lights of Iceland

River Cruises are usually more intimate, holding fewer passengers while sailing into tiny ports inaccessible to the larger ships on the water. Experience Ancient Egypt, explore the Amazon Rainforest, shop the European Christmas Markets, or be awestruck by the beautiful and exotic sights of Asia when you embark on a River Cruise. Both Worlds Travel specializes in River Cruises and our focus on this method of travel means you'll benefit from our first-hand experience and business relationships when you book a river cruise with us.

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