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We believe the world is meant to be experienced and there is no better way than through food and wine. Travel feeds our soul, but tasting local food and wine fuels our curiosity and thrills our palate, leaving us hungry for more. 

What's more? Enjoying a meal around a tiny kitchen table with a gracious host who has welcomed you to their home, shared their culture and heritage, and the fruits of their labor is a special, special gift. Cultural exchange, incredible food and drink, and moments that transform you await on a custom food and wine tour.


Our favorite destination for such an experience is Hungary. Here, you can add a few days pre or post river cruise or make an entire vacation out of it. It might be difficult to find great Hungarian wine in the USA, but there is simply no shortage of it in Europe's 7th largest wine-producing country. Couple the 22 wine districts with Hungary's rich cultural heritage, her stunning architecture, and authentic tourism experiences, you'll want to make a wine tasting vacation in Hungary number one on your bucket list. Get started planning today. 

The World Waits For Us To Taste

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