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The memories you make from the moments you spend with those you love the most are priceless. There is no greater return on investment than this. 


women travel

travel group for ambitious women
powered by Both Worlds Travel

Come with me, ladies.

Welcome, I'm Angie. I believe travel is a transformative force, that human connection is critically important, that sometimes the only way to live is to get away from our daily demands, and that sharing in the joy and anticipation of travel with others is a dream.

It's time to let our hair down.

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I am a firm believer that, sometimes, to achieve our wildly blinding goals, we need to step back, take a deep breath and let our hair down.  While we are at it, let's let our carefree self back out of the box we’ve stuffed her in.

A group of four smiling women with their hair blowing in the wind
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Our ambition is no excuse to put ourselves last.

Believe me, I know all about that; my goals, my family, my friendships, my business plans, and my emotional & physical wellbeing have suffered because of it. I know I am not alone. It's time to right the ship.


Here's what you can expect

  • curated trips

  • you're not alone (unless you want to be)

  • new connections

  • rich experiences, and

  • renewed energy to crush your goals

Join me in changing the narrative.

This isn’t a "vacation", this is a 'Moment'; a gift to yourself of time free from overwhelming thoughts, responsibilities, goals, and ambitions. This Moment is an opportunity to breathe in life and exhale the minutia that weighs you down. A Moment to reawaken your youthful, idealistic self fueling the flames of your creativity and ambition so you can return home ready to make it happen.

Sis, if you are in pursuit of a well-balanced life through moments of exploration & connection, you are in the right place. 

Join The Group

You've got ambition for travel and we can't wait to go there with you!

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Go Beyond The Bucket List

Join my hosted trips and you'll have an extra level of personalized attention and deeper, more meaningful experiences when you travel with me.


This is more than a check mark on your bucket list.

First stop

Tell me more, Angie.

This group will appeal to US-based women of all ages, with or without children, who are active in their community, goal-oriented, and highly ambitious change-makers who value their time and actively seek opportunities for self-care and self development through cultural exchange.

Expect most hosted trips to be offered in the fall and range between $3500 to $5000/person (airfare, taxes, etc... will be additional unless otherwise noted).

Traveling Abroad

Join my private FB group.

We are building community. This is your chance to connect with other ambitious women in anticipation of our group trips.

In the Facebook group, I'll offer some travel inspiration through handpicked favorites for those times when you want to getaway in between our official group trips. Travel is always a good idea.


This is a travel group for ambitious women who understand that life is short and the world is wide. We are here to foster connection and facilitate worldly experience. We nurture our group members so that – together – we celebrate the joy, security, and benefit of group travel. Our mantra is authenticity, empowerment, and freedom for any woman of any age. Our members believe that love is love and equity, inclusion, and kindness, matter most. She sees our differences as opportunities to make her own world a bigger, more beautiful place. Let's go there together.

Travel opens your mind as few other things do.

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