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At Both Worlds Travel™, we believe the memories you make from the moments you spend with those you love the most are priceless; there is no greater return on investment than this. Yet for many, planning a vacation is a daunting, time-consuming task. Being at the mercy of online reviews and personal testimonials means travelers take a leap of faith when planning and booking a trip independently.

As a Both Worlds traveler, you'll have peace of mind that our vendors meet the highest standards of excellence and are among the top 4 and 5-star properties and experiences around the globe. Virtuoso's 70+ years of relationships backed by more than $25billion in buying power plus brand integrity trusted around the globe translates to incredible experiences and peace of mind for our clients.  

Booking travel with us means you'll be privy to insider perks and exclusive benefits individual travelers don't have access to. Add that to our concierge level of service and you'll never book your own travel again.



Our travel planning services save you time (and stress) so you can focus on what matters most



We offer a complimentary 20 minute consultation to get to know each other. We will discuss your interests, timeline and budget. We'll go over how the process works and, should we wish to work together, we will discuss your travel plans in greater detail so we understand what's really important to you for your upcoming trip.


 We will discuss your budget and our service retainer during our consultation. We may waive our planning fee for cruise-only trips, hotel-only bookings, and other trips on a case-by-case basis at our sole discretion.

Please complete your travel interest form to get started.



You will be invited to build your travel profile in our system. This ensures we have all we need to make your travel arrangements, book tours, cruises, etc. You will be sent our Client Agreement to review and accept and an invoice for our Service Retainer.


Fully-customized trips take a lot of resources to plan and manage. We charge a service retainer* commensurate to the number of travelers, length, and complexity of itinerary. Our retainer covers research, full management of the booking components, and an electronic format of your itinerary. Our retainer is non-refundable and due prior to beginning work on your itinerary.

* retainer structure is subject to change without notice.



Once your paperwork and retainer have been submitted, we begin researching the finer details, designing a detailed and customized itinerary with up to three accommodations options. We'll keep you updated and make any necessary adjustments as we fine-tune your trip plans. Once we have your approval and authorization, we will book your desired travel and provide you with your electronic itinerary (paper options available upon request) and access to our app for Android and iOS. We will gladly provide a customized Google Maps list with points of interest and restaurant recommendations also provided upon request.

We will offer you Travel Insurance.



Look at you making those memories of a lifetime!


You'll be off living your adventure while we're here living vicariously through you. We'll be here to support you during your trip and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your journey after you return.

When we began Oceania Cruises, I knew that our travel advisors would be our lifeline. Other companies tried to marginalize travel advisors, expecting the internet to eliminate the need for their services, but we knew that we would only succeed in partnership with our valued travel advisors.

- Oceania Cruises

According to Phocuswright, in 2018, travel advisors sold

  • over $9billion in travel products

  • representing 68% of total sales of tours and cruises,

  • roughly half of all airline tickets, and

  • more than a quarter of hotel stays and car rentals


At the time, it was projected that travel agents would continue to outpace the rest of the market.  

COVID-19 BROUGHT THE WORLD TO IT'S KNEES, stranding travelers around the globe.

The world learned how valuable a resource a travel advisor is; having one in your toolbox is a must in today’s travel.

Besides taking the hassle out of planning a trip, you’ll spend less time vetting locations, hotels, transportation options giving you more time to enjoy the anticipation. You’ll have that human element as you dream up your next adventure. You’ll have someone whose global network of the best of the best will ensure your tour operators are vetted and held to only the very highest of standards. You'll get a fantastic vacation without the headache of planning it - the best of both worlds.

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