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Small Sizes + Impeccable Service + Tiny Ports =

If you are hungry to immerse yourself in your travels with fewer crowds and more authentic moments without compromising the convenience of cruising, small ship cruises are for you. 

Small Ship Cruises Deliver Places Large Ships Can't

Authenticity and cultural exchange are the name of the game for modern, luxury travelers.  Intimate experiences in places untouched by the mass market cruise crowds provide a glimpse of a simpler time. We specialize in small ship cruises because we know our discerning clients are ready to take their vacations to the next level while enjoying the finer things aboard small ships that feel like their own personal yacht. 


Our Favorite Things

From the Tropics to the Arctic & Antarctic Regions, there is a ship and an itinerary for everyone. Expedition Cruises do require some mobility if you wish to tender into ports on zodiacs but once ashore, you can get 'lost' in the natural beauty and untouched serenity.

While we can book most any cruise, we specialize in small ships and know these brands very well. Our luxury service and our affluent clients appreciate the deeper relationship we have with the following brands.

Get started planning your cruise today.

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