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Journey To Joy: Cultivating Happiness, The Transformative Power Of Travel, And Finding Your Tribe

As 2023 is coming to a rapid close, my kids are getting older, and my own age is staring me down, I've noticed a stark change in my mindset:

I’m reflecting more on the here and now, less on what happened yesterday, and have a voracious hunger to manifest the future that I want.

I am on a journey to joy where I’m making happiness a habit – something that takes commitment, time, and practice. I invite you to join me.

There are benefits to making happiness a habit:

  1. The Law of Attraction means you'll surround yourself with other happy people

  2. Say hello to a healthier you: studies have shown that those who adopt positivity have improved health

  3. Smiling and laughing increase endorphins release

I noticed that I laugh more frequently and more deeply when I travel;

it’s an exhilarating feeling!

Let me ask you, when is the last time you disconnected and recharged so you could tackle the next day, the next project, or the next big moment with your family with a renewed vigor and a glimmer of your old self?

We carry the weight of a thousand worlds on our shoulders and we know that when our candle is burning at both ends, that wick is more smoke than flame. Sometimes we need more than a couple hours a week to recharge. And sometimes. Sometimes we look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves; we wonder, 'where did you go?'

Sometimes the way to find ourselves again is by stepping outside of our comfort zone.

I’m thrilled to introduce my “Ambitious Women Travel Group” as a solution to help break the habits of over-extending ourselves, of burning the candle at both ends, of putting ourselves last, and of forgetting the last time we laughed so hard our faces hurt because it was THAT LONG AGO.

Line of boats docked in port

Join my Ambitious Women Travel

Group and find your tribe.

No matter how big, robust, or healthy our inner circles are, something powerfully transformative happens when we expand our circle, experience new things, and see the world through a new lens. The benefits of this, when brought back to our everyday lives are significant:

  • Increased resilience: helping us better cope with our day-to-day life and challenges

  • Better relationships: having recharged emotional and mental resources to continue nurturing healthy relationships with others

  • Greater productivity: mental rejuvenation can lead to increased productivity and creativity

  • Better mood: needs no further explanation ; )

Travel is a great connector and sometimes it can be the best medicine. I'm on a mission to pave the pathway to a well-balanced, success-fueled life for hard-working, ambitious women through the power of small group travel.

Join me on my journey to joy.

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  2. Join my private Facebook Group

  3. Come with me to Croatia


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