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Ladies, when is the last time you felt so wildly free of adulthood responsibilities that you were able to truly live in the moment? In the past year, have you laughed so hard your face hurt? Have you experienced a moment so profound it took your breath away and awakened a part of you that has been in such a deep slumber that she feels more like a stranger than a best friend?

Introducing Felicity, A travel group for women in pursuit of a well-balanced life through moments of exploration, connection, and reflection. 

I believe travel is a transformative force, that human connection is critically important, that sometimes the only way to live is to get away from our daily demands, and that sharing in the joy and anticipation of travel with others is a dream.

You are worth it. Say "yes" to felicity.

Felicity is a travel group for women in pursuit of a well-balanced life through moments of exploration, connection, and reflection. It’s a group that will have specially curated tours, cruises, and vacations as well as hosted journeys where I’ll invite a small group to join me to refill our buckets and awaken our own sleeping beauty one trip at a time.

Felicity is the quality or state of being happy, especially : great happiness. Say yes, Felicity and you might just be a better woman, mother, lover, friend, and leader.

Travel opens your mind as few other things do.

A travel group for women who understand that life is short and the world is wide. We are here to foster connection and facilitate worldly experience. We nurture our group members so that – together – we celebrate the joy, security, and benefit of group travel. Our mantra is authenticity, empowerment, and freedom for any woman of any age. We believe in love first and the power and support that inherently flows through us as woman who are vessels of independence, strength and beauty.

Diversity is what makes the world go round. Travel is a great connector and through travel we cultivate and promote the Human experience. We welcome all women who are committed to inclusivity and embody the spirit that travel unites us.

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